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About the Conference

Organized for the first time by the Jagiellonian University Doctoral School in the Humanities in collaboration with Una Europa, the International Conference The Heritage of Crisis. A Crisis of Heritage? is a response to the progressive social changes in various areas of what is broadly known as the humanities. The conference will be held in hybrid form at the Jagiellonian Library in the World Heritage City of Kraków. It is addressed to both doctoral students as well as to researchers with more academic experience.

We invite researchers who have noticed changes in thematic motivations, modifications of tradition, the development of existing methods, and finally any revolutionary attempts to break up with the existing state of affairs in the areas of their interest. We especially welcome speeches focusing on the relationship between the concepts of crisis and heritage but also those regarding the implementation of the motif of crisis in cultural texts of all kinds, including literature, music, language, social media, etc.

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To connect for the FIRST DAY (May 18) of the conference please click here.

To connect for the SECOND DAY (May 19) of the conference please click here.

To connect for the THIRD DAY (May 20) of the conference please click here.

Please click here for the Book of Abstracts.

Important Dates

Deadline for Applications

April 5, 2023

Selection of the Papers

April 17, 2023

Publication of the Final Programme

May 10, 2023

Conference dates

May 18-20, 2023

Conference Fees

The in-person conference fee is 150 PLN/35€.

For virtual attendees the conference fee is 100 PLN/25€.

The conference is planned to close with a dinner at 7 p.m. on 20 May. The additional cost of the dinner is 110 PLN/25.

Proposed Research Questions
  1. How has the approach to the concept of heritage changed? What are the consequences of these modifications?
  2. How can we understand the concept of Critical Heritage? In what directions are Critical Heritage Studies heading?
  3. What is the current relationship between discourse and heritage? How has this relationship changed?
  4. At this point in time, can crisis be historicized in recent humanities? Does crisis discourse have anything to offer the new humanities?
  5. What is the culture of crisis? How can cultural heritage help in dealing with crises?
  6. What can be said about cultural performances of crisis in its broadest sense?
  7. Can crisis and heritage research influence each other? How do crises affect our research practices?
  8. Can crisis be considered a research topic? How can it be defined and conceptualized by different disciplines, methodologies, etc.?
  9. Does the metaphor of crisis productively describe situations in various fields of research, disciplines, subdisciplines, methodologies, etc.?
  10. Are the humanities in crisis? Do the methodologies currently employed require (r)evolutionary changes?

The proposed research topics are only suggestions. We encourage you to submit your own ideas for topics related to the concepts of crisis and heritage. Three volumes of selected papers inspired by the conference are planned for publication in periodicals of national appeal.

Application and Paper Proposals

The application form is available here.

The deadline for applications is April 5, 2023.

Please upload your paper proposal via the application form. Your proposal should contain an abstract of your paper along with a short bibliography (max. 5 positions).


Abstract Requirements

  • Saved in pdf
  • Anonymized
  • 1400-1800 characters in length, spaces included  
  • Written in font: Times New Roman, 12 pt
  • Spaced: 1.5 lines


The Conference will take place at the Amphitheater Hall of the JU Library.


Al. Adama Mickiewicza 22,

30-059 Kraków



Upon request we can help arrange reasonably priced accommodation in close proximity to the venue.


1. Sebastian Hanek, M.A. - Coordinator

2. Martyna Dziadek, M.A.

3. Fatma Edemen, M.A.

4. Izabela Kalinowska-Rivas, M.A.

5. Alisa-Anastasiia Kavetska, M.A.

6. Michał Koziol, M.A.

7. Sylwia Mieczkowska, M.A.

8. Jakub Pawlak, M.A.

9. Maciej Wcisło, M.A.

10. Dominika Werońska, M.A.



1. Prof. Mateusz Antoniuk

2. Prof. Cezary Galewicz

Contact Us

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: